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Coconut Swirliness

Finding time to make soap (and write about it!) isn’t easy with a 3 year old and a 3 month old in tow, so I’ve resolved to make a minimum of one batch a week – at least until stock is back up to a respectable level.

Last week’s soap was a black and white swirled soap with a vanilla coconut fragrance made with olive and coconut oils and loads of shea butter. After the challenge of the Mantra swirl I decided to go with a simpler design:

Black & White Coconut 005

It needs a good five weeks curing time to harden it up, and will be released for sale on 18th August.

Now the fun bit…….planning this week’s soap 🙂

3 thoughts on “Coconut Swirliness

  1. This is so elegant looking, simply beautiful! I love black and white.

  2. This soap is AWESOME, Vicki! I absolutely love it, and it doesn’t look simple to me at all! How did you get all of those swirls in there? Do you mind sharing? Seriously gorgeous. I saw the picture on your header and had to see if you blogged about making it!

    1. Hi Katy! Thanks for your kind comments – this one proved to be a big seller at the farmers’ market last Saturday 🙂 It’s really simple to do actually – Once I’ve got two pots of soap mix, one black, one white, I just alternate (large) spoonfuls of the mix into the mould – kind of dribbling it along the mould from one end to the other, if you get my drift, and alternating between dribbling along the left or right sides and down the middle too. Hope that makes sense – let me know if not!

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