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The Week in Soap: 11th Dec ’16

It’s unlikely that anyone noticed but it’s been a fortnight since my last weekly update.  That’s because soapmaking truly has come to standstill thanks to the ongoing kitchen renovation work, but we’re getting there. It’s been two whole months without a kitchen and I can’t tell you how tired I am of washing dishes in the bath (Oh and I cannot wait to bake a cake, never mind make soap!) but I’m absolutely certain it will all be worth it.

The kitchen itself was finally delivered last week, and is in the process of being fitted. We’re now waiting for the plumber to come back to finish off his side of things before the electrician can do the same, and then the carpenter can do the finishing touches. The new dining table and chairs are due to arrive on Wednesday, and I’m hopeful that we’ll be almost complete by the end of the week.  I’m so looking forward to sharing the pictures, but just to set the scene – this is what it looked like at it’s worst:
img_0232 20161107_124719144_ios


On the business side of things I’m at various stages of discussions with another three retailers regarding wholesale accounts – I’ll share more if and when the deals are done. Next Saturday marks my last craft fair of the year, and after that I’ll be focussing on enjoying the holiday period with my family.  But I WILL be making soap, so I should be able to share some soapy pictures again before too long.

On a personal note I’m finally beginning to feel a bit Christmassy. We put the tree up this week, the kids are thrilled to be having a morsel of chocolate from their advent calendar each and every morning before breakfast – such decadence 😀 There’s only one week left of school before the Christmas break begins, and what a week – the Christmas show (with my youngest making her debut as Mary no less, while my eldest is playing The Hulk and a Wise Man – go figure), their Christmas dinner, the Pantomime trip, Christmas Jumper day,  Christmas Party AND somewhere amongst all that my eldest has a karate grading – YIKES!!

I hope your holiday preparations are proving to be fun rather than stressful – thanks for reading!

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