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The Week in Soap: 23rd April ’17 – A rainbow, a birthday and a rather good read

After a lovely couple of weeks off for Easter, the kids went back to school today and we’re almost back to normal.  I say almost as today was the little one’s fourth birthday, so nothing normal about that :-D. We threw a party for her and her friends yesterday (Sunday) so today was a little more low key.  I picked her up after her two hours at school this morning (she won’t be full-time until next September and neither of us can wait haha!) and went into town for some mum/daughter time and a BIG bowl of ice-cream. Do you think she enjoyed it?

The Birthday Girl
The Birthday Girl

I usually get to go to work for an hour or two at four o’ clock when my husband finishes work, but today my mum came over with a birthday gift so we had some birthday cake and played with kinetic sand (that stuff is AMAZING – I wonder if the recipes on Pinterest are any good?). We’ve had lots of fun but tomorrow is definitely ‘back to normal’ day and I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of work again.

I only managed one evening of soapmaking this last week – a double batch of Tutti Frutti.  It was these batches that I photographed to use in my rainbow drop swirl tutorial:

Tutti Frutti ready to set up
Tutti Frutti in the Mould

Tutti Frutti mid-cut:

Rainbow Drop Swirl mid-cut
Rainbow Drop Swirl mid-cut

In other news, I’ve finally found a novel to end my reading drought and I think I’ll actually be able to say I’ve read a whole book by the end of the month.  Now this is a big, huge, MASSIVE deal for me given that I’ve been whingeing on to anyone who’ll listen about how much I miss reading, but what’s at the back of my mind? Oh, only the fact that I didn’t bother with that perennial ‘read a book’ goal this month – gah!! Anyway, I’m a bit late to the The Girl on the Train party, but I picked up a copy for pennies at a table-top sale recently and I’m LOVING it.  It’s an easy read, but it has me hooked, and I find myself glancing over at it at various times of the day, wondering if I could get away with hiding in the corner for half an hour for another fix…

Thanks for reading, back soon!


6 thoughts on “The Week in Soap: 23rd April ’17 – A rainbow, a birthday and a rather good read

  1. Happy birthday to your girl! I love the Little’s birthday party more so than my teen because we still have silly fun. I so love the colors of your soap! I am in desperate need of soaping especially since I have two shows in May and just enough for one. Eek! As for reading, I have been riveted to a James Patterson. I love having the library app on my phone because it seems so hard to be toting a physical book around any longer; it is hard enough for me to tote my knitting lol! I liked the movie of A Girl on a Train…there was one, right? I am pretty sure I watched it.

  2. Your daughter is SO cute!!! xx

  3. I have an iPhone 6 and it is a pretty large screen so I don’t mind it so much. I used to carry my tablet but it just seemed to be extra weight lol My sons have kindles and love them! I have a library app for our library system called Overdrive and sign in with my card number. I stopped checking physical books out so long ago because I couldn’t remember to turn them back in and amounted huge fines. The digital loans just expire and check themselves back in. So convenient! If you like crime and suspense novels, James Patterson is great!

    1. Yes! I’m always laying library fines (and I don’t even manage to read that much lol) I believe out local library has a similar system – my husband listens to a lot of audio books that way – so I think a kindle and library app is the way forward. Thank you!!

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  5. I don’t have a Kindle, but read all my Library books on my IPad – through the Kindle App, so I’m sure you could get Library books sent to your Kindle. Hope that helps…you’ve probably got it all figured out by now, as this is an old post.
    Happy Reading!

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