Exfoliating Sisal Soap Saver Bag


Sisal exfoliating soap saving bag.  See below for more info

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One sisal exfoliating soap saver bag

Pop your leftover soap slivers and scraps into one of these natural drawstring bags to make your own exfoliating skin scrubber.  Use in the bath or shower to create THE most amazing lather and leave your skin softer than the proverbial baby’s bottom.

Sisal is a a renewable, versatile, sustainable and extremely strong natural fibre, which makes it a very eco-friendly material.  Biodegradeable and compostable.

The bag can be hung up between uses to help it dry.  Large enough to hold a full sized soap bar, however I recommend that the bags be used for scraps and slivers rather than whole bars, as your precious full sized bars will last longer if allowed to dry out fully, on an appropriate soap dish, between uses.

For a sisal bag pre-filled with luxurious Soap Mine soap, click here

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