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Goals: February 2017

February will see an increase in the pace of restocking the core range of soaps and (finally) bathbombs. In addition, the plan is to:

  • Create a wholesale Line Sheet. ┬áWholesale enquiries are increasing and this is a high priority ‘must have’. ASAP…
  • Make a test batch of facial soap
  • Make 3 Spring Special soaps
  • Post 8 times on the blog

On a personal note, I have these (particularly un-SMART goals). I’m going to run 50km this month, read┬ásomething (yep, that’s deliberately vague as I have. absolutely no idea what yet – better decide soon eh?!), and do some baking. I LOVE baking but never seem to find the time. ┬áMaybe a cake or two, maybe some cookies, I don’t know, ┬ábut I WILL bake two somethings ­čśÇ

A short post, but it gives February some structure. Thanks for reading and keeping me accountable!



1 thought on “Goals: February 2017

  1. I am planning bathbombs finally as well lol And need to make so much soap! I have tax stuff to do alas…

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