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I seem to have lost a month…

I had an inkling August would be busy. I hadn’t planned on posting often on the blog, but abandoning it for a whole month really wasn’t on the agenda either. The kids have been on holiday of course, but the soap business doesn’t stop for the summer (if anything it is busier than any other time, bar Christmas) and I’ve been frantically juggling childcare and keeping on top of the business for the last month.

I won’t dwell on it here, but the weather during August was utter pants.  Seriously, it was rubbish.  I had so many plans for picnics by the river, and lazy days on the beach, but it just wasn’t going to happen.  We took walks in the rain, visited castles in the drizzle, and went geocaching under stormy clouds. The kids even climbed their first (small!) mountain, and loved it. Ha! Take that, weather! We had fun anyway…

As well as keeping retailers stocked up, I’ve made 330 bars of soap during August. Not as many as I would have liked, but with BOTH (finally!!) kids back at school all day as of next Tuesday, I’ll able to get back on track fairly quickly.  I’m not making any Halloween bars, so it’s restocks and Christmas soaps all the way… Candy Cane proved very popular last year, so that’s what I started with:

Candy Cane, freshly cut
Candy Cane, freshly cut

I’ve also started on the star embeds for the Christmas Tree bars:

Star Embeds
Star Embeds

And Dinosoaps are back!


It really doesn’t seem right thinking about Christmas in August but last year I got caught out when retailers wanted Christmas stock in store right after Halloween (eek!) so this year I’ll be better prepared.

Oh, and do you remember that marmalade I made back in January? I entered it into our village show a couple of weeks ago, and it only went and won first prize!  I knew it tasted good but absolutely didn’t expect to win anything.  These aren’t the best photos but I also won firsts for my Viennese fingers, Melting Moments and Swiss Roll plus second prizes for my Victoria Sponge and Coconut & Lime Loaf:

Village Show Successes
Village Show fun!

These are the Viennese Fingers, which get their own photo because, frankly, they were bloomin’ delicious. Excuse the wonky one – only three were entered – that wasn’t one of them! If anyone wants the recipe let me know and I’ll post it – it’ll give me a great excuse to make more!!

Viennese Fingers
Viennese Fingers

It’s been a great month, but things will be getting back to normal here over the next few days and I’ll be glad to get back into a routine – the blogging schedule will be back on track – I promise!

Thanks for reading – all being well I’ll be back tomorrow with my goals for September.


10 thoughts on “I seem to have lost a month…

  1. drool! You candycane soap looks delicious! And yes! It will be nice seeing you in my inbox more often!

    1. Thank you lovely – I’m back on it!

  2. […] I’d already made a start on the Christmas bars during the previous week, Candy Cane, Star embeds for the Christmas Tree bars, and a couple of batches of Dinosoaps, […]

  3. Get you with your winning entries at the show, that’s brilliant!
    Now I know where you get your talent for superb blending of flavours for your soaps, from your cakes. Or is it the other way round? Lx

    1. Hahahaha thanks Laura! The baking came first, so I guess there’s your answer 😀

  4. Congrats on your big win! How exciting! The cookies look tasty too! And the candy cane soap is so beautiful! Your house must smell amazing!

    1. Thanks so much! Been making Gingerbread soap today, now that DOES smell delicious 🙂

  5. Hi Vicki!
    Congratulations on all your baking wins! How exciting!
    I would love if you posted your recipe for the Viennese Fingers – yummy!!
    FYI: I’ve hit the subscribe button 2-3 times (over a month ago and again just today), but your posts never end up in my mail box…so I guess I will just have to try to check back more often.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I forgot to mention that the Candy Cane soap looks wonderful and making 330 bars in one month is really amazing! (I think the most I have ever done in a month is under 100!)
    Good work!

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