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Social Saturday #3 (Blogtober 21)

Happy Saturday guys!  I’m now officially two thirds through this blogging marathon, and I seem to be noticing more articles online about why you shouldn’t post on your blog too often (like this one!)  I’m committed, I’m not giving up, but there’s no doubt that I can’t find the time to write in depth, well rounded and well researched pieces at the moment, so my writing does feel a little superficial.  I guess it’s all part of the challenge 🙂

This is the third Social Saturday of Blogtober17, and today it’s Facebook’s turn. Ah Facebook.  Is it losing popularity?  Is it becoming the social medium for an older demograph? My number of FB followers has grown slowly but steadily over the years and I get more engagement on there than I do on Twitter, but less than I do on Instagram. Insterestingly I have more business followers on Instagram – that’s where I’ve connected with most of my wholesale customers / stockists, and Facebook is the place where I find I have the most personal, individual customers.

Today’s post is a real quickie.  For the last couple of months I’ve been organising the second annual Beddgelert Craft Fair. It happens today (woop!) and I have an awful lot to do, so, with no further ado, this is my Facebook Page. Do pop over and say hi, or share your link in the comments field and I’ll come to visit you!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a run down of the Craft Fair – keep your fingers crossed for me today!


2nd Beddgelert Craft Fair

8 thoughts on “Social Saturday #3 (Blogtober 21)

  1. I reckon we are giving the daily blogging a hammering Vicki!! So glad I am not trying to promote a business coz I will be needing a rest after this Blogtober!! (not to mention everyone whose inbox I clutter up!! – LOL!!). Hope the day goes well for you : )

  2. Hope the fair goes really well for you today and that the weather is kind.
    I think there’s space for both the personal posts and also the well more in-depth ones covering technical aspects… kind of makes for a more rounded interaction. But then I guess you need a business only avenue too. Ho hum!!!
    I’m going to be absent for the rest of this week – no internet connection, so I look forward to catching up when normal service resumes. Have a great week, and enjoy half term with the kids.

    1. Thanks Jo, have a great week. Our half term is the following week, so one more week to wait 🙂

  3. hahaha!! The countdown begins…

  4. HI Vicki!
    It is hard to keep up with a daily blog – for the writer and reader! I’m not sure what the purpose of the challenge is…Maybe to stretch yourself? – if so, it seems to be working. And I’ve really enjoyed all your blogs.

    I read the article you had a link to, and I don’t agree with several items… One thing I read on another post about blogging is to be consistent, hence the reason I put mine out every Monday. (However, I also have had an email list for 5 years and 2 years ago switched to a regular Sunday dissemination. Someone Just commented that it seems like I’ve “started” sending these every Sunday!!)

    All in all, I feel like blogs are heading into extinction – people don’t take the time to read a full article – they don’t even thoroughly read a text or Instagram post. Everyone is so busy…when I start skimming through something, I stop and ask myself if I want to take the time to read this properly now or later, and I find I usually slow down and stay present in what I’m doing. So maybe it’s a bit of a choice – or attention span!

    I look forward to your next post!

    1. Thanks Sly – You might be right, about the demise of the blog, although I don’t think I’ll give up blogging in the foreseeable future – even if it’s only to keep my own personal record of what I’ve been up to. Interaction from readers is a huge bonus though!!

      1. I totally agree with you and still enjoy writing my blogs (and reading others), so I’m not planning on giving it up either!

  5. I am enjoying your entries, and am trying hard to keep up just trying to “like” them all. I can’t imagine how you can keep coming up with so much to say every day. Nice job!

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