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The Spring Specials, 2023

April’s weather is so changeable isn’t it? One minute the sun’s out, lulling us into a false sense of security and tempting us towards sandal wearing and planning barbeques, then next it’s absolutely pouring down. Like today…

Ah well, it’s undoubtedly warmer, and the days are definitely getting longer, so I can safely declare it’s SPRING, and time to talk about this year’s spring specials. This year I made four bars and each one is the return of an old favourite from a few years back, albeit with different names and designs. In an ideal world I would prefer to have at least a couple of new scents for each season release, but the run up to Christmas was so busy I didn’t manage to do any fragrance testing, so old faves it had to be, this time round…


First up is Sakura. Sakura is the Japanese term for Cherry Blossom, so you won’t win any prizes for guess what this one smells like. It’s a sophisticated floral blend of cherry blossom with jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and freesia on a base of musk, precious woods and crystal amber.

This one has proven to be the bestseller so far, with one happy reviewer saying:

“So pleased to find this one has returned….the scent is just like walking through an orchard in full blossom. Can’t beat it on a spring day!”

But don’t take my word for it, check out all the five star reviews for Sakura HERE

Two bars of pink and white Sakura handmade soap and a white facecloth
Sakura Handmade Soap


Next up is Persephone. This one was simply Pear & Freesia last time it made an appearance, but I wanted all the spring bars to have a seasonal name this time round, and as the Greek goddess of spring, she seemed like a great source of inspiration. (Let’s just gloss over the fact that she also later became the wife of Hades and queen of the underworld – that wasn’t her choice to be fair!)

Persephone is scented with a sparkling fruity/floral scent, reminiscent of the Jo Malone fragrance English Pear & Freesia. Click HERE for reviews.

Two bars of yellow, purple, white and green Persephone handmade soap and a  facecloth
Persephone Handmade Soap


The third bar is fragranced with a scent I’m pretty sure I once swore never to use again. It’s a gorgeous lemon verbena scent, a crisp and sparkly herbacious/citrus fragrance that smells amazing. As one customer says:

“Tangy, fresh and a wonderful soap for the morning to get you up and out enjoying the springtime”

But BOY does it misbehave in soap! This means that as soon as the fragrance is added to the soap batter, it almost immediately starts getting thick. Then, VERY quickly, it becomes too hard to do anything with. Soapmakers have a phrase – ‘soap on a stick’ – for when this happens, and it’s extremely frustrating when you’re trying to make pretty soap. That’s why this one looks quite different to the other three. The first bars I made looked, quite frankly, like a dog’s dinner so I grated them up and very quickly mixed them into some plain white soap batter. I do really like the ways these bars look, but they’re definitely the odd ones out 😀

Oh and the name? Aloysia is simply the latin name for Verbena. Click HERE for reviews

Two bars of white and green Aloysia handmade soap and a white facecloth
Aloysia Handmade Soap


The lasf of the spring specials for 2023 is Zephyr. Zephyr was the Greek god of the warm west wind, considered to be the gentlestof the winds and the harbinger of spring. Whilst it’s not necessarily a masculine scent, it definitely leans more towards typical ‘male’ scents than the other three. A warm, woody, unisex scent beginning with top notes of fresh citrus and forest herbs. The heart is a spicy blend of black pepper and maple, rounded off with base notes of cedar and sandalwood.

Click HERE to see reviews for Zephyr

two bars of Zephyr Handmade Soap and a white facecloth
Zephyr Handmade Soap

Click on any of the photos above to take you directly through to the listing on the website, or click HERE to take you to the spring specials category where you’ll see the full range on one page.

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The Summer Specials, 2021

There was I time, way back, when I wrote blog posts almost every week. I’ve no idea whether many people read them, but I generally enjoyed the process of putting things down in black and white. Writing them served as a good record of what I’d done, and was planning to do. Sadly, in my world, writing is the first thing to be dropped when life gets busy. And life DID get busy. Crazily busy. Or busily crazy. Or, let’s be honest, just crazy.

2020 was the year that the world stopped, they say. Well, nope, not here it didn’t. Having launched the website just before the first lockdown kicked in, I was busier than ever last year, and when homeschooling two primary school children was thrown into the mix, the result was pretty exhausting. “Learn a new skill” they said. “Catch up on your reading” they said. “Get fit” they said. Ha! Between 9-3pm my days were spent homeschooling while Dean worked. My evenings and weekend were spent, without fail, working. But I was one of the lucky ones. I didn’t have a boss breathing down my neck, asking me to justify my output, or expecting me to work evenings and weekends because I wasn’t productive enough during the traditional working hours. I was at least able to set my own working hours, even though it meant I missed out on a lot of quality time with the family.

Still, we managed. The business thrived, the children eventually skipped gleefully back to school (we’ll gloss over whether that was down to them missing their friends or a comment on my teaching skills lol) and the new normal kicked in. But still I couldn’t find the time to write. Until now.

Two and a half weeks ago I received a phone call, asking whether I still needed and/or wanted the surgery that I’ve been waiting for for years. In fact, I first saw my GP about my sore, buniony feet about 15 years ago, and many non-invasive treatments were tried – shoe insert, physiotherapy etc. I took a break from the process while the children were small, but about 3.5 years ago I saw a Consultant and it was decided that surgery was the way forward. Of course, the pandemic put paid to all possibility of elective procedures and I just accepted that it wouldn’t happen for a while yet. And then, two and a half weeks ago, my phone rang.

“Hello! Do you still want your surgery?”

“Um, yes please”

“Oh good. Two weeks today then?”


So. Here I am, four days after bilateral foot surgery, with time to write a blog post about summer soaps – hooray!!

This year’s summer specials were due to drop yesterday, on the 26th June, but once surgery was scheduled there was no way that was going to happen. I’ve closed the website temporarily, and am tentatively hoping to reopen on 1st July. Fingers crossed!

There are four limited edition bars in this summer’s collection:

Coconut and Pineapple need no explanation really. I had initially baulked at the thought of making two fruity specials, but the Pineapple smells so delicious, while the Coconut has been requested by so many people. I couldn’t really NOT make either.

The Traeth Tawel (Calm Beach in Welsh) is so called because it’s the same fragrance as the popular Traeth bar, but without the scrubby bits. Again, this had been requested often, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make one.

The Frangipani? Well, let’s just say that this one was a b**ch to work with lol. You can probably tell from it’s appearance that this wasn’t the most amenable of fragrance oils, but MY OH MY does it smell good!! Fragipani is the fragrance of Plumeria blossom – those exotic flowers that are used to make Hawaiian leis. It’s floral, sweet and just wonderful – if you’re partial to a floral.

That’s it for now folks. I’d love to promise more regular posts in the future, but I’m not going to. I’m just going to quietly try to write a ’round up’ every now and then, just for posterity. I know Future Me will be glad if do.