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Makeovers (3: Tutti Frutti)

Tutti Frutti is one of the soaps from my fragrance oil range and is particularly popular with children and young people   Scented with a fruity fragrance oil, it has both berry and citrus notes on a sweet vanilla base and is reminiscent of jelly beans. When I first started using it in soap, I wanted a design that reflected the complex fruity gragrance, and came up with this four colour bar:

1st Incarnation of Tutti Frutti
1st Incarnation of Tutti Frutti

When I decided to standardise my designs last year, I chose the In The Pot (ITP) swirl from my fragrance oil soaps. I wanted to keep the multicoloured idea, and so this is what happened:

2nd Incarnation of Tutti Frutti
2nd Incarnation of Tutti Frutti

It sold ok, but to me it looked messy, and not particularly appealing, so I had to think again.  This is the current Tutti Frutti design. I’m much happier with it, despite it being a little more time consuming to make, and doesn’t really fit, design-wise, with the rest of the range (but rules are made to be broken eh?!).

3rd incarnation of Tutti Frutti
3rd incarnation of Tutti Frutti

11 thoughts on “Makeovers (3: Tutti Frutti)

  1. I love the latest design! 🙂

    1. Thanks Silvia! Just made a new batch at the weekend and tried to intensify the colours a bit. Will post pics when it’s cut.

  2. The 2nd one is beautiful too, but the 3rd one is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Natalia!

  3. I like all three designs! Your newest one is beautiful – love those swirls. Sounds like a great scent!

    1. Thanks Jenny! It is a lovely fragrance 🙂

  4. Yes, the third tutti frutti seems to really match the scent.

    1. Thanks Monica, I think it does – finally! 😀

  5. Thank you Yvonne!

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