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Soap in the Mould

Freshly made soap, in the mould, has such a vibrancy and gloss about it, I can’t help but take a photograph every. Single. Time.Β  Here are some of my recent favourites:

‘Delicious’ is fragranced with a dupe of a DKNY fragrance and is described as ‘A fresh, green floral fragrance of crisp green apple, watermelon, cassis and a hint of cucumber’ and underneath those green waves is an In The Pot swirl.

'Delicious' Handmade Soap in the Mould'Delicious' Handmade Soap in the Mould
‘Delicious’ Handmade Soap in the Mould

I wrote about the redesign of Tutti Frutti in my last post here. It’s scented with a very fruity Jellybeans fragrance oil, and this time I’ve kept the same design but have tried to intensify the colours somewhat so that they’re brighter in the finished bars. The soap batter was very slow to trace this time (not sure why – same recipe, same fragrance :-s) so rather than attempt to texture the top I just swirled the colours together, and I love the effect it gives.

'Tutti Frutti' handmade Soap in the Mould
‘Tutti Frutti’ Handmade Soap in the Mould

And last (for now!) is a batch made with a new-to-me fragrance – a zingy, citrussy scent with pink grapefruit, kumquat, orange, and cranberry –Β  I’ll soon be running a little competition to come up with a fitting name so get your thinking caps on…

Cold Process Soap in the Mould
Soap in the Mould – name yet to be decided!

Cut pictures to follow just as soon as I get round to taking them πŸ˜€


10 thoughts on “Soap in the Mould

  1. Beautiful colors! The green is certainly calling out to me :). Can’t wait to see it cut!

    1. I’m so sorry Roxana,your comment went into my spam folder for some strange reason – I wasn’t ignoring you πŸ˜€ Thank you so much – cut pics will follow soon!

  2. Love all the beautiful colors! The green is certainly calling to me :). Can’t wait to see it cut

    1. Thanks Roxana – hope to post cut pics soon πŸ™‚

  3. I’m the same way! I have to take a picture of every single mold I pour! πŸ™‚

    1. Ha ha ha – it becomes a bit of an obsession doesn’t it?! I didn’t think I’d be the only one, not by a long shot!!

      1. Then I take a pic of it cut, then I go back and take a pic once it’s cured! I’m sure my friends get bored with me always showing pictures of soap!

  4. Beautiful soap tops, Vicki! I love the different shades of green swirling around each other. The orange is such a bright, pretty color. And the swirly pattern on the Tutti Frutti soap is gorgeous!

  5. These soaps are so glossy (don’t you just love freshly poured soap photos?!) =) I love your fragrances choices.

    1. Thanks Anne-marie. Raw soap does indeed make me very happy πŸ™‚

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