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10 Great Reasons to Switch from Liquid Soap to Bar Soap

Bar soap sometimes gets a bad rap and, for a soapmaker and obsessive solid soap fan, this is hugely frustrating. There are so many good reasons to swap from using liquid soap to bar soap and here, in no particular order, are my top ten great reasons to consider switching. Please note that these points relate to real, handmade soap rather than commercially produced soap. That is a different kettle of fish altogether!

  1. Bar soap is more convenient to travel with as it’s less likely to leak or spill, and of course if you fly hand-luggage only, you won’t be forced to bin it before going through the security checks.
  2. Bar soap can be more satisfying to use than liquid soap, as it creates a rich and luxurious lather that feels indulgent on the skin. Contrary to what many detractors say, well made soap is NOT as drying as most liquid soaps on the market.
  3. Bar soap is usually much cheaper per use than liquid soap, making it a more cost-effective option.
  4. Bar soap is available in a huge range of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find a product that suits your needs. There are vegan and non-vegan (eg tallow soaps) options, soaps fragranced with essential oils or fragrance oils, or with no fragrance at all. Soaps coloured with clays, or botanicals, minerals or natural/synthetic micas, and soaps with no added colour whatsoever. There are goats milk soaps, and coconut milk soaps, soaps with added spices and soaps with exfoliants. Soaps made with fancy, expensive oils and those with more basic ingredients. There’s something to suit everyone, which isn’t necessarily the case with liquid soap.
  5. According to the McGill Office for Science and Society*, the carbon footprint of a bar of soap is about 25% less* than that of a bottle of liquid soap. This is partly because liquid soap is largely water, which makes it heavier and requires more energy to transport. Another reason is that the plastic container and the liquid soap itself both typically take more energy to be made than does a bar of soap and its packaging.
  6. Solid soap doesn’t require the use of a plastic dispenser, making it a more eco-friendly option. Bar soap is more environmentally friendly as it typically comes in minimal packaging and generates less waste than liquid soap.
  7. Well-made and well-cured (for a minimum of 4 weeks) solid soap lasts longer than liquid soap. This is epecially true if it’s kept in a dry place between uses. Again, the McGill Office for Science and Society* says: “On average, people use about 2.3 grams of liquid soap to wash their hands but only about 0.35 grams of a bar soap”.
  8. As a general rule, bar soap is more gentle on the skin than commercially produced liquid soap which, in actual fact, is usually a synthetic detergent, originally created as laundry soap. These synthetic detergents often include ingredients that can cause dryness, skin irritation or allergic reactions.
  9. Bar soap is easier to store and takes up less space in the bathroom than bulky liquid soap dispensers. Plus you get to treat yourself to beautiful soap dishes!
  10. By buying handmade bar soap you are usually supporting a small business, whether from the maker directly or a local independent retail outlet that stocks their products. This puts money back into the community rather than a large conglomerate.


Share this with anyone who still needs convincing. Oh, and do comment below with any reasons people still have for not using solid soap. I’ll work on some counter-arguments 😀

9 thoughts on “10 Great Reasons to Switch from Liquid Soap to Bar Soap

  1. I’m a solid soap convert thanks to you and your soap! A bar lasts me ages and I love all the different scents to choose from

    1. Thank you so much Sally, they do last ages don’t they!
      Vicki x

  2. Hi, I’ve been using your solid shampoo bar and solid hair conditioner now for over 2 years and I wouldn’t go back to liquid. My hair is shinier and healthier and when I stupidly tried my old liquid shampoo recently, my hair rebelled until my next wash with the shampoo bar. I also use traditional Marseilles olive oil soap for hand washing dishes, made from 70 per cent olive oil water and sea salt in Marseilles to a traditional recipe.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Abigail, so pleased the soap based shampoo bars are working well for you too!
      Vicki x

  3. I have been using your gorgeous soaps for years now and wouldn’t dream of going back to liquid soap. Not only are your soaps so kind on my skin ( l used to have dry cracked hands and needed to use copious amounts of hand creams, they are no longer needed) your continuing new fragrances along with all the good old favourites make receiving the soaps a joy, they are so pretty and smell divine. Finally, the obvious best reason for using bar soaps is the lack of horrible plastic, l am 100% convinced bar soaps are much better value, they last for ages, with no waste and a great way to help the environment . I use your shampoo bars too, they are amazing, so easy to use and work wonders on my hair

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Deb! Vicki x

  4. My daughter is convinced that bar soap is not as ‘hygenic’ as liquid soap! How do I convince her that even if her dad leaves dirt on the bar, it won’t contaminate her!

    1. That’s a great question and a fairly common concern! It’s actually quite difficult for bacteria to survive on a bar of soap because the alkalinity is quite high, and therefore not conducive to bacterial growth. Bacteria *can* grow if the soap is allowed to sit in water and become ‘gunky’ but if soap is kept dry between uses this won’t happen. In actual fact bacteria is MORE likely to be passed from person to person from touching a plastic bottle or pump mechanism which, being in a humid bathroom, is the perfect place for bacteria to breed if multiple people are touching it. But! As soon as hands are washed and rinsed, whether with bar or liquid soap, any nasties will have been banished down the drain and there will be none left on your hands.

  5. I’ve been ordering your essential oil soaps for years in stead of shower gel my skin is lovely and soft and haven’t needed to use any hand cream since using your soaps very satisfied mature lady .

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