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Name that Soap! (Competition time)

In my last post (so much longer ago than I realised – life is busy :-D) I shared a picture of an as yet unnamed soap in the mould.  Well, here it is, cut, fully cured, and STILL nameless – please help me name it!

Citrussy unnamed soap
Name me – please!!

The fragrance is described as pink grapefruit, kumquat, orange and cranberry mingled with gardenia, jasmine, and freesia.  To me it’s mostly citrussy – there’s a hint of background florals but the citrus notes are definitely dominant.  It’s coloured with titanium dioxide and yellow and tangerine micas.

I’m offering a free bar to the person who comes up with the name that I eventually choose, and you can either enter below in the comments field or on the competition post on my facebook page here. It’s open to anyone, wherever you are in the world – I’ll cover postage costs too. So don’t be shy – I know you’re a creative lot!!

PS – the winning name will be chosen on Easter Monday, 6th April, after 9pm UK time.

11 thoughts on “Name that Soap! (Competition time)

  1. How about the Citrus Crinkle Cookies ?

  2. Hi there What about Citrus burst?

  3. Tuscan Summergarden

  4. A New Day, Sunlight, Citrus Morning, Daybreak, Spring’s Song, First Light, Citrus Sunrise

  5. The white reminds me of clouds during the morning sunrise so I’d like to submit Summer Sunrise as my name for your soap!

  6. Citrus bouquet, Good morning sunshine, Citrus Sunshine, Color me citrus.

  7. Daybreak on a Citrus Orchard

  8. The name that I wrote on your FB page is already here! I guess I’m out. 🙂 Lovely soap, Vicki. 🙂

    1. Ha ha so it is 🙂 Thank you anyway!

  9. Summer lovin’, or sweet summer!

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