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Introducing… Sugar Drops

One of my soaps used to make me a little sad. It smelled divine (no, I know I say that about all of them, but trust me on this one…) but it just didn’t sell well.  It’s fragranced with a dupe of Aquolina’s Pink Sugar perfume: think candy floss, caramel, vanilla blended with strawberry jam and musk with top notes of lemon drops and brown sugar. It really is lovely.

The high vanilla content in the fragrance oil means that it will naturally turn the soap brown, so while I use my regular drop swirl design, I only add FO to two thirds of the soap batter (one third with Titanium Dioxide, one third with no colour) and leave the pink portion fragrance free:

I became convinced that the reason it wasn’t selling was because of its name: First Kiss (so called because it’s so sweet, *groan*)  It was cheesy, and the feedback was that it wasn’t something that older people would want to buy as a gift, even if they liked the scent.

I needed some help to come up with something better, so I asked the good folk of Instagram, and was lucky enough to be given load of great suggestions.  The one I went with was Sugar Drops, suggested by @nightwingbeth.  I liked that it still implied sweetness, and also referenced the Drop Swirl design.

So there we go – First Kiss has been relegated to history, step forward Sugar Drops.

Thanks for reading, back soon!

8 thoughts on “Introducing… Sugar Drops

  1. Looking forward to the follow up post about how this sells with a name change!

    1. Crossing fingers and toes – really don’t want to discontinue this one but…

      1. Oh! Before I forget, I need to arrange a soap swap with you!!!! I’ll be on the same continent as other soapers! Awesome!

  2. Funny what a difference a name can make, but it’s true! Good luck with your name change. I hope it works well for you.

  3. Very pretty soap!! I like the name!

  4. I’ll message you with details!

  5. How can I order from the USA. What’s the price in dollars?

    1. Hi Eileen

      Thanks so much for your enquiry, however I don’t currently sell outside of the UK.

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