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Blogtober’s Fast Approaching…

I’m in the process of building a list of blog ideas to keep me going throughout this year’s Blogtober blogging bonanza.  For those who don’t know, the goal of Blogtober is simply to post on your blog at least once a day during October. I did it last year and didn’t find it too difficult, but I don’t think I can re-hash all the post from last year, I need some fresh inspiration!

And this is where you come in my soap-loving readers.  I’d welcome any suggestions for posts that you might have, but, more importantly, I was wondering whether you would be so kind as to throw some questions at me? Anything at all (well, kinda, lol)  I thought I could then do a post answering them, and then I’ll only have to think up another 30 blog ideas… :-/

If anyone out there has their own Soap and/or Bath & Body  blog and would like to join in the fun, there are a few of us in the Soaping Bloggers Facebook Group taking part, using the hashtag #BlogtoberSoapers.  It’s a bit of a challenge if you don’t normally post regularly, but it really is doable, especially if you do a little prep beforehand so you have ideas to hand, and maybe even have some posts ready-written and saved for emergencies.

So pleeeaaaase post me some questions – anything you like – and I’ll answer them next month – pinky promise 😀

9 thoughts on “Blogtober’s Fast Approaching…

  1. What is your favourite soapmaking oil and why?

    1. Thanks Claire – something to start thinking about. Are you up for Blogtober?

  2. 1) What is your favourite luxury/unique oil?
    2) Your safety gear.
    3) Talk about your worst batch of soap.
    4) Favourite fragrance for soap.
    5) Where you buy your stash from.
    6) Delivery woes.
    7) A post about your customers praise.
    8) Most surprising soap batch you’ve made
    9) Favourite blogs you follow
    10) How does the weather affect your soaping
    11) Soaping woes.
    12) I love the word woes, so you could do various woes.
    13) What music do you listen to whilst soaping?
    14) If you could carve out half a day and make something other than soap, what would you make?

    And don’t forget to add an, “and why” to all these! Hopefully they help!

  3. Go on, my ego needs more work today!!! Bwhahaha! Glad I could help! And now I have blog topics for October! Woot woot!

  4. Hi. I love your blog,…. and would be interested to know how you tackle the ‘what to do with the soaps / bath bombs that aren’t perfect’ issue. Do you sell them anyway as all the ingredients are still fabulous? or discount them? or do you have a ‘for family only pile’ – maybe that’s just me?!!! And a tips / tricks for non-warty bath bombs would be interesting, especially as I guess you get a fair number of rainy days! Looking forward to Blogtober…..

  5. I have just one question. You are such a busy lady. How do you do it / balancing life, work and fun and still maintaining your soap business? There must be one heck of a schedule behind all that! 🙂

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