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The Week in Soap: 17th Sept ’17

It would appear that Autumn is well and truly here. There’s a chill in the air in the mornings, and we’re lighting the fire every evening. It’s also a reminder that Christmas is coming, and with it that big, three day Christmas Fair I’ve committed myself to at the beginning of December – eek!  To that end, this week’s soapmaking was all holiday based:  Double batches of Candy Cane, Frosted Christmas Tree and Warm Gingerbread:

Frosted Christmas Tree, Candy Cane & Warm Gingerbread in the mould
Frosted Christmas Tree, Candy Cane & Warm Gingerbread in the mould

I’ve not taken ‘proper’ photographs of the cuts yet, but here’s a sneaky peek at the Frosted Christmas Tree:

Frosted Christmas Tree
Frosted Christmas Tree

And a quick (and rather rubbish – sorry!!) snap of the Warm Gingerbread (this is the previous weeks batch – this week’s moved even more quickly and I didn’t even attempt the drop!)

Warm Gingerbread
Warm Gingerbread

I had a bit of a mishap with the Candy Cane – there was a knock on the door mid-pour, and instead of ignoring it I went to answer it, thinking that the soap batter was nice and fluid and I could leave it a moment or two… There’s a lesson learnt – I was away from the soap just that little bit too long and when I came back it had thickened up too much to finish off the drop swirl, arrghhhhh….

Candy Cane Interrupted
Candy Cane Interrupted

Bath bombs are a relatively new thing for me and I’ve always found them a little tedious to make to be honest. Last Friday I made 90 of them, and I seemed to be quicker this time. I guess practice does make perfect (still need a LOT of practice though :-D)  They were pretty trouble free, except for one variety, but that’s a story for another day…

Bath bombs
Lots, and lots, of bath bombs

I also packaged up another 100 guest soaps, and bevelled a load more – there’s confetti soap on the horizon I reckon:

Soap shavings
Soap shavings

On a personal note, the highlight of the week was earning my green belt in kickboxing on Monday night:

Green Belt!
Green Belt!

Unfortunately I didn’t feel quite so kickass when I got to training on Wednesday night and discovered exactly what I’m going to have to do to earn my blue belt – there’s some hard work ahead of me!!

If you have a soap (or bath & body) blog, please do join our Soapmaking Bloggers facebook page (and maybe even consider taking part in Blogtober Soapers? ;-D)

Have a great week everyone, I’ll be back soon.

9 thoughts on “The Week in Soap: 17th Sept ’17

  1. Well done on the green belt!

    I have to make some soap, but that means I have to clean my kitchen. I don’t want to clean my kitchen. My head is going crazy trying to figure out how I am going to make soap without cleaning my kitchen. Your soap making pictures always make me feel like I should be doing more soap!

    1. Hahahaha you must be off to Ireland soon no? Do you have a postal address I can send a couple of bars to yet?

  2. Congratulations on earning your green belt. Also congratulations on making 90 bath bombs! Good lord, that’s a lot of bath bombs. Must have been one heck of a mess to clean up afterwards!

  3. I LOVE your Frosted Christmas Tree – what a great idea with the star on top! What scent did you use? (I’m trying to think up a something different with my Woodland Elves FO…several ideas keep spinning around, but nothing that says “this is the one!”)
    Your Candy Cane and Gingerbread soaps turned out very nice too!
    Congrats on your green belt – that is a Lot of work!
    Happy Soaping!

    1. Thanks so much Sly!

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