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The Week in Soap: 17th June ’18

Did you think I would make it back again so soon? It wasn’t a given, to be honest. I truly have got out of the habit of blogging, so it came as a bit of a shock to the system this evening when I realised it was Sunday and I really should be pressing ‘publish’ on a blog post at some point… Ah well, I made it, that’s all that matters.

So I guess today’s post really should be titled ‘The Last Three Months in Soap’, but like I said in my last post, I’m not going to give myself palpitations by trying to cover everything that’s gone on since I was last posting regularly, I’m sure it will all come out over time…

Back to this week then. This almost feels like a confession, but it’s been over a fortnight since I made any soap. That’s not strictly true as I did make a small, very special batch for friend a week or so ago (more about that one in a forthcoming post) but soap for the business? Over a fortnight. Fortunately I have over 800 bars cured and ready, and another 400 at various stages of curing, so I’m not too desperate, but I’ve sent out a lot of wholesale orders recently so I want to top up the shelves this coming week (yey!!)

No, the last few weeks have been about wrapping, labelling, and sending out order. Not just soap either. The bathbombs are starting to take off in a big way, and they’re being stocked by quite a few of my soap retailers now, and I’m getting a lot of repeat business. That’s all well and good (great even), but keeping up with demand is becoming an issue. Some of the time I would previously have spent making soap is now being spent making bathbombs, to the extent that I even spent quite a few hours making them today (On Fathers’ Day. Ooops. Well, it did mean that my better half got to spend a lot of the day with the kids – that’s what it’s all about right?? And we did go out for breakfast, en famille, to mark the occasion, so…) I digress, again… Right – bathbombs:

Bathbombs Galore
Bathbombs Galore

I have a few new wholesale customers since I last updated the blog, but I’m going to save them for future posts and give them the spotlight they deserve. I’ve also sent out my first large order for wedding favours – I’ll be writing a post about that separately too.

On a more personal note, my ankle still isn’t right from when I sprained it three months ago, just before my last update post actually. It didn’t stop me from going to my kickboxing grading last week though – I am now officially a purple belt kickboxer. Hard to believe that I’ll now be working towards a belt with some brown on it!!

Kickboxing Purple Belt
Kickboxing Purple Belt

Oh, and having just quickly skimmed over that last post, I saw that there was a bit of a teaser at the end about an Instagram giveaway that I’d won?  I suppose three months is long enough to keep you in suspense (lol!!) so here’s what I got – a handmade fused glass wave by Pam Peters Design – isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?

Fused Glass Wave
Fused Glass Wave

I’m going to leave it there for this post. It feels a little disjointed and not particularly informative, but it’s a post – woop!  I’ll be back into the swing of things again very soon, I’m sure.

Thanks for reading, back soon!

9 thoughts on “The Week in Soap: 17th June ’18

  1. Gorgeous bath bombs! I find those the most popular things I make too. Everyone here is tired of soap, but they will take all the bath bombs I can manage to make with no complaints! LOL. Love your glass wave. What a unique and beautiful object!

  2. Well hello!! Welcome back to the blogosphere, it’s lovely to read you!
    Congrats on the purple belt – lots of fitness and hard (I was going to say yakka, but thought you might have to google that…) “work” went into that I am sure.
    It’s the dim distant past when I did karate and got as far as my brown belt wiht black tips – never could quite face that black belt grading! – and I remember how much work went into them – the one and only time in my life I felt fit. Distant memories now.
    Your bath bombs look delightful – no wonder they sell well – and handy that they are a ‘one-off’ use – and need tor replacement!
    Glad the business is booming and you clearly have not had time to miss your day job.
    Sarah : )

  3. Yeah – but only while you practice! Now fitness for me is a dim distant memory – LOL!! Good on you!

  4. Oh wow!! Congratulations on lots of fronts – the wholesale customers, the wedding favours order, the fabulous looking bath bombs, the kickboxing purple belt, and having 800 fully cured bars + others on the way. Goodness, no wonder the blog took a back seat!! And just how beautiful is that glass wave? Each time you look at it, I bet you see a ‘new’ bit of detail.
    All strength to your elbow, and hope your ankle heals up soon.

    1. Thank you so much Jo! Resting the ankle at the mo as my kickboxing teacher is on holiday. Hopefully it’ll help a bit…

  5. Well done on the purple belt! With a bum ankle and all. Congrats!

    I have been asked a few times this past week about if I made bathbombs here in Ireland. They couldn’t beleive it when I said nope! Good luck on them! I still haven’t mastered the art of them.

    One day hopefully very soon I shall have as many bars as you in stock! Talk about dreaming!

    1. Thanks! Started working on new combinations for the next belt and there are a lot of turns, it’s a problem 🙁

  6. Your bombs are beautiful. What colorant do you use? Is it Eazy colors? I know that overwhelmed feeling. May be time to recruit a helper part time. Your work is fabulous!

    1. They’re not Eazy Colors, but I suspect they’re similar as they’re water soluble. I get them from a soapy supplier in the UK, and they don’t appear to have a brand name – just ‘bathbomb & bath salt colours’

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