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Disaster Strikes

Sunday saw my first soapmaking in months, and my first disaster in a long time….

I was all excited to be making my entry into the Mantra Swirl competition mentioned in my first post,  but there was much more enthusiasm than skill on display as I played fast and loose with my temperatures 🙁  I ended up with a soap that seized on me and basically turned to colourful cottage cheese in the pot before I’d even had a change to pour it, let along swirl it!

Nevertheless I managed to squish it into the mould:


And here it is cut:


Pretty ugly huh? To add insult to injury the scent doesn’t seem to have stuck either. It was fragranced with a lovely Thai Coconut fragrance oil but there’s precious little of that coming through at the moment. Ho hum…

On a more positive note I took delivery of two new spirit thermometers on Monday and soap making will resume this week – I still have a competition entry to make!!

(Oh, and this is what a Mantra swirl should look like – hope to have something similar to show you later this week…)

2nd Mantra Swirl

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