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Happy Friday!

Blogtober Day 14

Yippee for Fridays!  And today has been a particularly good day.

  1. It’s my wedding anniversary.  11 years ago today I married my best friend, and today I’m counting my blessings just that little bit more.
  2. I delivered the first order to a brand new stockist – more of that in another post very soon.
  3. My ‘coming soon’ bathbombs received a glowing review.

Not a bad day eh?  We’re off out this evening for a rare outing – dinner, just the two of us, without the constant interruption of children. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Anyway, back to that bathbomb review.  A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of my trial bathbombs on Instagram and one of my IG buddies mentioned on the post how much she liked them.  I offered to send her one to try, on the proviso that she give me her honest feedback. Well, turns out she loved it, and wrote a glowing review on her blog:

“The colour is awesome ! Unlike some bath bombs I have used before it doesn’t leave a horrid layer around the bath after draining the water . Neither does the colour stain the bath.”

Please check out the full review on Beauties and the Bibs There’s even a video of the bomb in action – please check it out!

It’s been a great day so far.  Hope you have a wonderful one too.


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