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Goals for June

I am fully aware that we’re already a good quarter through the month, but I’ve been meaning to post this for days.  I’ve not set any goals for a few months, and I kind of miss them.  So with no further ado, this is what I hope to achieve this month, business-wise.

  1. Research, and make some test batches, of lip balm.
  2. Finish making the summer special soaps – I’m halfway there, still another 90 bars to go.
  3. Create a ‘Core Range’ post for bathbombs, much like this one that I did for soap. I recently received my first wholesale bathbomb order, and I need to have an easy link to send to potential customers.
  4. Post at least nine times here on the blog.

Just four specific goals – fingers crossed they shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve – I’ll post an update at the end of the month.

And, just because this is such a short, photo-free post, here’s a picture of one of those summer specials, just cut (and bevelled) Traeth Craig Du (Black Rock Sands), that I wrote about and showed in the mould in my last weekly update.

Traeth Craig Du
Traeth Craig Du

Thanks for reading, back soon!

3 thoughts on “Goals for June

  1. This soap is so pretty, the colours look great. Look forward to hearing about your lip balms.

  2. Oh I love it! It’s so simple and so pretty! Since I’ve been allowed to go “natural plus” due to demand I am still in my colours colours colours phase of soap making. Your soap reminds me of Quintana Roo beaches in Mexico.

    YES! For Lippy’s! They are almost as addictive as soaping in my opinion. I go crazy making them. And then I’ve a purse full of them too. Let us know the recipe! I’m currently working on another lippy for the blog and add in some sea buckthorn fruit oil for the colour and scent.

  3. Nah. This one is MUCH simpler and cheaper than the other one

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