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Blogtober Madness

Blogtober 2021 – Day 1

So, last time I took part in Blogtober I got to the end and said NEVER again. As recently as a couple of weeks ago I said ‘no way’ would I even consider it this year. Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Blogtober it involves publishing a blog post every day during October. And I’m waaaaay too busy dontcha know?! And even if I was to consider it, it’s absolutely the wrong time of year, what with all the Christmas prep to do…

But I miss writing.

So. Here I am, on the 2nd of October thinking well, actually, I might just give it a go. So I would like you all to please indulge me and imagine that this was published yesterday, and was my “1st day of Blogober” post. K?

All being well I’ll be back later with Day 2 *crosses fingers*

I might even have a plan by then

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