The Plastic-Free Starter/Gift Set

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Everything you need to make the switch to a plastic free bathroom – see below for full details.


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Are you trying to move towards plastic free living? Or do you know someone who is? There can be no doubt that we all need to cut down on single use plastics, and this set of products includes all the basics you need to help you make the switch:

1. One soap of your choice (choose above)
2. A Coir Soap Saver
3. One solid shampoo bar of your choice (choose above)
4. One solid conditioner bar of your choice (choose above)
5. One bamboo toothbrush
6. One pack of toothpaste tabs
7. One natural deodorant of your choice (choose above)

1 review for The Plastic-Free Starter/Gift Set

  1. Lydia

    This set is absolutely wonderful to start out on your journey to being more eco friendly! I’ve used Soap Mine soaps for a while but it was lovely to try all the other bits! Fabulous gift to give too

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