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…and two months later…

Wow, I realised on Monday that it was exactly two months since I last posted on here.  TWO MONTHS!! I knew I’d take a bit of time out while we packed up our home and made the move to Wales, but I didn’t realise I would neglect the blog so thoroughly – so sorry!

Anyway, we’ve left the big city and are now settling into a much more rural way of life. This is the amazing view from my bedroom window:

photo 1

Not bad eh? We’re still staying with my mum, who has kindly allowed her peaceful home to be invaded by our family of four (thanks mum!) but we’re in the process of buying our new home – in the same village – yippee!

Needless to say the majority of our belongings are still boxed up and in storage and I’ve not been able to make soap BUT I decided last night that enough was enough – I had to get back to it. Mainly because a) I miss it, hugely and b)The Soap Mine is getting seriously low on stock…

So, I dug out all my soaping gear, whisked up a simple 3 colour ITP (in the pot) swirl (and oh oh oh loved every minute of it :-D):

photo 2(1)

  Delicious is scented with a dupe of DKNY’s Be Delicious fragrance, and smells utterly gorgeous. Coloured with two shades of green mica and titanium dioxide. Cut pics to follow soon.

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  1. Moving always takes so much time, doesn’t it? But well worth the wait to get back into your soaping supplies I’d imagine.

    Lovely swirls and beautiful colouring Vicki. It seems to be a reflection of your life in the village, more green and peaceful.

    1. Ah thanks so much! My soaping supplies are a still officially ‘in storage’ but they are close to hand so I’m determined to keep up the soaping now I’ve started 😀

  2. The view from your bedroom window is great, Vicki. I wish I could get a similar one but in Tokyo it is all high rise buildings and skies 🙂
    The soap you made, its top looks gorgeous – I hope to see pics of the cut soap soon.
    All the best with your new home! Settling in will not take so long I imagine. And I very much hope to see your new soaps soon!

    1. Hi Maya!

      Thanks so much for the kind comments! Living in Tokyo must be amazing too – it’s on my list of places I’d like to visit one day. I’m looking forward to seeing your new soaps too – I absolutely adored your challenge soap!

  3. Glad to hear that the move is going well and that you were able to find some time to soap again, Vicki! The view is beautiful, and so is your soap. I hope that you get settled into your new home soon!

    1. Hey Jenny! Yep, finally got to soap – yey! Thanks for the kind words, so looking forward to getting properly settled but now we’ve started the ball rolling on the purchase there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! It’s so nice to be back in the soaping community too – I’ve not had much of a chance to visit all my soapy colleagues’ blogs but I’m planning on catching up so will visit soon :0)

  4. It’s great to have you back, Vicki! Your new view is lovely and quaint, like a scene taken from Pride and Prejudice. And the green swirls of your soap is like an extension of your scenery. 🙂

    1. Silvia – it is soooo good to be back 😀 I didn’t plan the soap with the scenery in mind, but I think my subconscious must have been working away as it certainly fits!

  5. What a quiet veiw, Vicki, I wish I was there! It looks like you will have beautiful inspired soaps from now on, as the one we can see in your mold.

    1. Thanks Natalia – and yes, the view is awesome! This is the view from my mum’s house which is up on the side of a hill, so we won’t have the same view once we move, but the new house is in the same village, so we will still be living in it, so to speak. I’m sorry I’ve not been over to your blog for a while – I will be catching up with everything you’ve been up to very soon!

  6. Welcome back Vicki, what an amazing morning view you have! Hope you are settled into your new home soon!

    1. Oh, and I love the soap and agree with the others too…the view out of your window must have been your inspiration =)

      1. Thanks Cee! It is a stunning view – we’re so happy (and lucky!) to be here 🙂 Apologies for not getting over to your blog for a while, I’ve missed everyone and will be catching up soon!

  7. I discovered your blog yesterday and I really enjoyed reading your posts and looking at all those beautiful soaps you made! I whish you to settle in the new home soon and many new soap projects in the future!

    1. Hi Gordana
      Thanks for popping by and the kind comments! I’ve just started following your blog too 😀

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