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Blogtober 2016, Day 31

I only flippin’ went and did it!  Participation in the Blogtober 2016 challenge was such a random, hasty and last minute decision that, in all honesty, it was highly likely that I would fail.  I realised, after mentally committing myself, that many of the other participants had been (sensibly!) planning ahead, preparing and scheduling posts beforehand. I didn’t have that luxury, having decided approximately 8 hours into the first day of October that this was something I could/should/would do.

Decision made, I had to be clear on what on earth I was going to write about every day.  I didn’t think I would have enough ‘soapy’ topics to cover, so I made sure I had a rough list of other possible topics. As it turned out, I didn’t need to use many of those off-topic ideas – turns out there is an awful lot to share / write about in the soapy world!

Now, here I am, 31 days later with 31 more blog posts under my belt than I had at the beginning of the month.  I did it (!) and it’s been an extremely useful experience – primarily because it’s got me back into the habit of blogging on a regular basis. I’ve discovered during the last month that I really do enjoy writing, but that doing so within such narrow time constraints doesn’t do anything for the standard of what I produce.  It has without a doubt been a case of quantity over quality (sorry about that 😉 ) Some of the topics I’ve covered have been done hurriedly and I’ll probably revisit them in greater detail at a later date.

Coincidentally, this post is also my 100th on the blog and I’m determined to keep blogging on a regular basis from now on.  More soap pics, more tutorials, more reviews and more personal ‘meet the maker’ posts (Ooh – they scare me :-D).

Thank you SO much if you’ve stuck with me over the last month, and a double/triple thank you to those of you who’ve rewarded me with the odd ‘like’ or ‘comment’.  It really has helped spur me on, knowing that there is somebody, anybody, out there reading every now and then.  Thank you, thank you, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!



2 thoughts on “Blogtober 2016, Day 31

  1. Good work Vicki!!
    In the end I had to prioritise a horrendous Uni assignment – hardest and most unrewarding 2500 words I ever wrote – submitted just now!! one more assignment, one exam and one job interview this week and then I should be back on the blog-horse!
    But – Well Done, You!!
    Sarah : )

  2. Hi Vicki,
    Congratulations! And well done.
    I have so enjoyed reading your posts – they were upbeat, fun and informative. Please keep on blogging – if not every day! – then at least as time and life allows. I, for one, am a very happy reader of them. Thanks again.

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