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You kwow how some loofahs are hard and scratchy? Well not this one. This natural loofah is wonderfully exfoliating but is the softest, squishiest loofah I’ve ever tried, even on its very first outing.

Supplied dried and flattened, the loofah will swell up when first immersed in water to become a spongy cleansing pad. Use it with soap to keep your skin clean, exfoliated and invigorated.

It’s hand AND machine washable, and will last for months with normal use. It is 100% biodegrdable and compostable, and when worn out can be put directly into your home compost.

This natural loofah has a rope attached to allow it to be hung up between uses

Vegan friendly

2 reviews for Loofah

  1. Laura

    Lovely sized loofah, super soft as described but still gives a great lather and scrub! I didn’t read the instructions and smelt a bit *ahem* natural on arrival but it just needs a good long soak to loosen and puff up!

  2. Claer

    Having not been a loofah fan until now, I was a bit unsure about this product. However, I was lucky to win a generous Soap Comp that included this. Now I wonder why I did try one sooner! If you have been disappointed by looafahs in the past don’t be put off trying this. Much softer than others, leathers lovely and is a great exfoliater.

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