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Social Saturday #2 Twitter Trouble (Blogtober 14)

IT’S THE WEEKEND! It’s also time to celebrate day 14 of Blogtober – another full week completed – phew!

Last week’s Social Saturday was all about sharing soap / bath & beauty blogs (you can still add yours in the comments section here), but this week I’m all about Twitter.

Twitter is the social media (medium?!) that I’ve found hardest to crack.  I just can’t seem to gain any momentum and I’ve been stuck in the mid 400 followers for the longest time ( you can find me here )

I’ve Googled for advice and found a few posts that share hints and tips such as:

Top 10 Twitter Tips from Computer Hope

Twenty top Twitter tips by Marketing Donut

50 Tweetable Twitter Tips by Hubspot

so I guess I should just put my focus onto Twitter for a couple of weeks and put some of these ideas into action.  In fact you know what? I think I’m going to start a bit of a Twitter challenge for the second half of October – see if I can ‘up’ my followers / engagement and attempt to tame the Twittersphere 😉  I’m currently at 434 followers, let’s see if I can increase that by any significant amount by the end of the month. 

Do you use Twitter?  Do you LIKE Twitter? Do you have any helpful tips to reinvigorate my Twitter love? I even have problems finding accounts to follow, so if post your Twitter name below I’ll happily follow you (and maybe learn a thing or two in the process)

Thanks for reading and sticking with me thus far – nearly halfway through Blogtober already!!

Back tomorrow