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I’m back…

…definitely, absolutely, for good this time!!

I’m so sorry – the last two months have had so much going that I’ve struggled to find time to get on here to post, and then, over the last couple of days, I realised that I’ve  been putting it off as I didn’t know where to start. This is just a quick post to ‘break the spell’ as it were – I have loads more posts in the pipeline.

We finally moved! We’ve been in our new home for about 6 weeks now. It’s a ‘doer-upper’ and there really is so much to do, but it’s ours, it’s warm, it’s dry and we love it! Our eldest (4y) started full time school last month and has settled really well, and our youngest (18m) becomes more of a little monkey every day. Literally – she will climb, or attempt to climb, ANYTHING!

The soap business continues to grow, though with the little one demanding so much of my time I’m wary of committing to too much too soon.  My soap is now in 5 retail outlets, and I’m in discussions about another project. I did my first custom order of party favours recently, and the last craft fair I did was really successful. I’ve also put together my first ‘multi-item’ gift sets, experimented with piping, and invested in a new piece of hardware for the business – an amazing soap cutter imported from the US.  All good stuff and I’ll fill in the gaps in future posts.

And finally (because I refuse to post a photo-free update), I created my first exfoliating soap:

Super Scrubby Peppermint Soap
            Super Scrubby Peppermint

Oatmeal and ground apricot stones make this soap wonderfully scrubby – great for gardeners’ or mechanics’ hands. It’s fragranced with nothing more than pure peppermint essential oil, and simply coloured with a green mica. They’re not the prettiest bars I’ve ever created, but oh they do feel good on tired feet 😀

12 thoughts on “I’m back…

  1. Nice to see you again Vicki and congratulations on getting your soaps into stores! Sounds like you’ve been very busy, which is always a good thing right? The soap looks very nice and refreshing and sounds like a lovely bar to use.

    1. Thanks Monica! It’s good to be back and I’m determined to post more regularly from now on so watch this space 😀

  2. Nice to see you back, Vicki!
    This exfoliating soap looks so good!

    1. Ah thank you Natalia! Hope you are well 🙂

  3. Good to see you back, Vicki! I know what you mean about things being hectic around a move – we’re getting ready to move soon, too. Congrats on the new house, and congrats on your soap business! It sounds like things are going well with both. Your soap is beautiful! I love anything peppermint.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Yep, it’s been soooo busy (and there’s still so much to do with the house) but I’m going to try to keep on top of the posting. Good luck with your move – it’s hard work but worth it in the end, especially as I used it as an opportunity to have a good old declutter 😀

  4. Glad to see you blogging again, Vicki! I just “broke the spell” too by putting out a post, even though it was a very short one. Things can get really busy, and before you know it, 2 months have passed! :O Things are looking great on your end! Wishing you continued success and much joy in your new home. 🙂

    1. Oh thanks you Silvia! I know, where does the time go eh? 😀 Planning to be around a lot more often from now on though.

  5. Very cool soap! It looks like a piece of granite. 🙂

    As a mom of two small kids at home with me, I understand how hard it is to balance everything so it’s really impressive that you were able to move into a doer-upper house on top of everything else. Sometimes it’s a struggle here just to keep the house picked up since my 3 year old loves to make every room look like a “toy bomb” went off in it. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear more about all the new exciting things happening for your soap business.

    1. Hahahahaha – my four year old is just the same. Leave him in a tidy room for even the shortest length of time and he’ll soon remedy THAT crazy situation lol! It’s all such a balancing act isn’t it – I just keep telling myself that they’re not so little for very long – can’t believe my eldest is at school already!

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