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Makeovers (4: Delicious)

One of my best sellers is, quite literally, ‘Delicious’.  It’s fragranced with a dupe of the DKNY fragrance ‘Be Delicious’ which has the fresh scent of apples blended with floral / woody fragrances.  To date I’ve always made it with a simple ITP swirl (with apologies for the lighting on the bottom bar):

Delicious - ITP Swirl
      Delicious – ITP Swirl

When I’m against the clock and frantically trying to get my stock levels back up, an ITP swirl is mercifully quick to execute. But, for me at least, they are unpredictable, and the colour distribution isn’t always as I would like. So I decided to try using the same colours but with a drop swirl, and this is how it came out:

Delicious - Drop Swirl by The Soap Mine
           Delicious – Drop Swirl

I LOVE it! So that’s me with one less ‘quickie’ during busy stocking-up soapmaking sessions, but I reckon it’s worth it 🙂

It has though brought to mind an ongoing dilemma I have about what’s most important when it comes to the soaps that I create. I put a lot of thought into what oils and butters go into my bars to give them skin-loving, super-lathering properties, but then I hear people say that they look too pretty to use. It’s a phrase I’ve heard at every single craft fair / Christmas market I’ve ever sold at.  I know people are being complimentary but – Noooooooooooo! Use them! Use them, then buy more 😀



7 thoughts on “Makeovers (4: Delicious)

    1. Thank you so much Odie 😀

    2. PS – did you remove the ‘comments’ option from your blog? I LOVE love love the piped lavender, but couldn’t find out how to mention it on your post!!

  1. These drop swirl bars are absolutely gorgeous! You got some great contrast with adding some white into the mix. These turned out great for what you call “quickies”. =)

    1. Thank you so much Anne-Marie. Sadly this one USED to be be a quickie, but not so much since I updated the design. Hey ho 😀

  2. Wow, these are both beautiful, but I do love those drop swirls!

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