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In case you were wondering…

… where I’ve been.

I posted in mid Jan with great intentions to get back on the writing horse, and then found myself paralysed with indecision about WHAT I should write.  I felt that I should recap everything that I’ve been up to since the end of October, but that felt like too big a job.  It would never be complete (and would probably not be 100% accurate either – I don’t have the best memory these days!) and I wouldn’t be satisfied with half hearted attempt.  Anyway, THAT is only reason I haven’t written anything for the last month.  Crazy really.

I’m jumping back onto it tonight, and from now on I’ll be doing my weekly roundups and any other stuff in between, just like before. I’m not going to try to backtrack, but if you have any specific questions about what’s been going on over the last few months, please just ask  (my memory’s not that bad ;-D) but I may well naturally fill in the blanks as I go along anyway.

The run up to the Christmas period was amazing, business-wise. I was busier than I had anticipated, and for that reason I’m still playing catch-up as far as stock levels go.  My current goal is to get to 1000 bars in stock over the whole range, and I every time I think I’m getting close, another big order comes in. Mind you, I’m DEFINITELY not complaining.

I’m making a minimum of 120 bars a week now, and if you follow me on Instagram ( you’ll know that Monday is my big ‘making’ day.  I’ll make four double batches every Monday (that’s my 120 bar minimum) and occasionally try to fit in another session later on in the week.

I’ve retired a couple of fragrances that weren’t selling so well – Delicious (a dupe of DKNY Be Delicious) and Boho Baby (Patchouli & Orange essential oils) have both gone. I don’t have any plans to replace them with anything permanent just yet, but if I come across a fragrance that I just ‘have to have’, I have the capacity.

This was the result of last week’s Monday session:

Four Double Batches of Soap
Four Double Batches of Soap

From left to right are Serenity, Welsh Rose, Tutti Frutti and Blodau (Flowers), and here are a couple of them cut:

Serenity Handmade Soap
Serenity Handmade Soap


Welsh Rose Handmade Soap
Welsh Rose Handmade Soap

I used slightly different colours for the Welsh Rose this time, and there’s a more subtle different between the pinks that I usually have (I’ve also just realised that this is such a fresh photo that I’ve not bevelled this one yet!) Anyway, I can’t decide whether I really like it, or I really don’t… Hmm… what do you think?

I’m going to leave things there for now, and not try to get too ahead of myself. I’ve already had some thoughts ping into my head for the next post, so I THINK I’m back on a roll. I’ll be doing my best anyway.  I’ll be back next Sunday for a full weekly round up, if not before…

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “In case you were wondering…

  1. Soap porn at its finest!!!

    That Serenity is gorgeous!!!! And, it is nice to see you back!!! So much news to share!

    1. Ahh thank you! It’s all that news that got me not knowing where to start! Are you in Ireland at the moment? Did you get your parcel?

      1. I did! They are lovely! Can’t wait to get them to China! I’ve an appointment at the post office on Thursday I think it is… your baggie will be flying!

        1. Oh good, glad they got to you eventually 🙂

  2. Lovely to have you back on the blog.
    My, oh my, have you been busy? I’m not surprised the blog has taken a back seat for a while. 120 bars per week is a huge output – especially as my guess is that the making is the ‘easy’ part, because then there’s the bevelling, wrapping, labelling – oh, and the washing up!!!
    I’m loving the soapy photos – can’t get enough of such gorgeousness. Keep up the good work.

  3. Beautiful Vicki!
    I was missing your blogs….hope you still have time for them – lots of work soaping!

  4. You truly make beautiful soaps! ♥

    1. Thank you so much!

  5. Glad to see you are back. I thought as much that the holiday rush had kept you consumed, but that is a really good thing. 🙂

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