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Recent Makes

A very quick update with some recent creations.

First up is a restock of Luscious Lavender – an ‘In the Pot’ swirl fragranced with Lavender Essential Oil and coloured with Titanium Dioxide and Violet Ultramarine. It always surprises me how popular Lavender still is – this one’s already sold out!

Pictures 071

This next one is Orange Sherbert.  The batter thickened up VERY quickly but I still managed to do an ‘In the Pot’ swirl.  I really like the resulting folds, but I’m not sure I would ever be brave enough to try to replicate it as I was <this> close to getting the proverbial ‘Soap on a Stick’ :0) Fragranced with Orange Sherbet FO from Gracefruit and coloured with Titanium Dioxide and Orange Mica.

Pictures 264

Finally for today: Parisian Flowers.  A deliberately uneven layered soap, fragranced with a heady blend of Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium and Lavender Essential Oils. Coloured with Titanium Dioxide and a range of pink micas, with a mica oil swirl on the top.

Pictures 270

8 thoughts on “Recent Makes

  1. Wow, Vicki, luscious lavender looks so good! Love that purple!

    1. Thanks so much Natalia! It’s just violet ultramarine – I think it gives a good ‘lavender’ colour.

  2. All three soaps are gorgeous, Vicki! I was thinking the other day that I should make myself a straight lavender soap. And I also love rose geranium! The layers and swirls are so pretty in each soap.

    1. Thanks Jenny. It never ceases to amaze me how popular straight lavender soap is, even with younger customers. I say go for it 🙂

  3. Fantastic soaps Vicki! I have to say, I like Parisian Flowers the best. Maybe because the top reminds me of peppermint candy and with it being that time of year, I’m seeing everything holiday related.

    1. Thanks Monica! I’m pretty pleased how it turned out – and it smells great as well 😀

  4. They are all so pretty Vicki, I bet they all smell fantastic! That EO blend sounds fabulous!!!

    1. Thanks Cee – the floral EO blend does smell rather nice 😀

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